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Open trading from farm to fork

Business Without Borders revolutionizes the Food and Beverage industry by offering an efficient, intuitive trading network that breaks the communication barriers of the traditional supply chain.

Each year, hundreds of billions of dollars are lost in the Food and Beverage industry due to unconsumed product.

  • Market forecasting lags years behind consumer demand
  • Processed product fails to sell and expires on warehouse shelves
  • Retailers are unable to move inventory due to limited choices that consumers don’t want

All of this waste and lost revenue boils down to one issue: failed communication channels perpetuated by antiquated business models.

Conduct business without borders for Best Results®

Business Without Borders’ patented Best Results® Trading Platform is a cloud-based marketplace that interconnects all levels of the Food and Beverage industry supply chain. With Best Results®, growers, processors, distributors, and retail operators all benefit from open and efficient trading.

Facilitates communication between farmers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers

Provides transparent inventory tracking and management for the entire supply chain

Manages supply and demand real-time through self-service communication modes

Cuts costs, reduces waste, and delivers product where it’s needed, when it’s needed